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Responsible tourism & Environmental policy

Operating our business in a responsible way is of uttermost importance for us. In 2011, we started a project to minimize the impact that our operations have on the wildlife and nature. We established our own Whale Watching Guidelines in close cooperation with Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) and are proud to be the only whale safari operator in Vesterålen that follows internationally acknowledged whale watching guidelines.

The next step on our way to a more sustainable whale watching operation is to get Arctic Whale Tours certified by international ecotourism standards, which we are working on right now. In addition to the environmental regulations set by the Norwegian Government, we have also implemented the following measures:

  • Recycling in the office and on board to minimize the amount general waste produced.
  • Introduction of re-usable cups and spoons on the boat.
  • Favoring Nordic Ecolabel certified products whenever possible (
  • Using locally produced products whenever possible. For example, the fish in our fish-soup is always caught by one of the fishing boats in Stø.
  • Supporting the local community. At the moment, we provide the locals with a place for a souvenir shop that sells handicrafts made locally by the inhabitants of Stø. 

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