Lauri Pietikäinen, 57 years, is our main guide and the bagbone of Arctic whale tours. He is originally from Pielavesi Finland, where he worked as a farmer, gardner and teacher. He moved to Norway 17 years ago with his family and has been working as a fisherman. He has been part of our Arctic Whale Tours team last 10 years. Lauri is unique with his passion and love for the whales.  Every single safari is equally special for him. He really wishes to give a wonderful experience to every singel customer and his exitment  for meeting the whales , his friends, is higly contageous. Lauri always respects the guidelines for whale watching and rules for  sustainable safaris.The whales come always first for him.He has special bond with the whales and the nature. His enormous knowledge about fishery, whales, birds and life at sea is nothing less than impressive. 

He has also had ecofriendly farming and living of nature resources as his hobby and passion. He is a wonderful cook,  as everyone who has tasted his delicious soups served at our safari, would agree on. He loves to cook specially with fish just outside of Stø and other local products for his friends from all over the world. He is also good hobby photographer and writes his own blogg.

Lauri knows finnish, norwegian, swedish, english, german and little bit french and icelandic.


Owner & captain


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