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Puffin (Fratercula arctica )

Size: 29 – 31 cm
Population at Anda: 18 000 pairs


The puffin is the most common bird on Anda Island. There are approximately 18 000 pairs nesting on the island. Puffins they dig one meter deep borrows into the turf where they lay one egg, or very rarely two eggs, if the food resources are favourable. They feed on small fish like sand eel and juvenile herring. The last years, the sand eel abundance has been high around Anda Island, supporting a rich puffin population.

Puffins have backwards pointing teeth in their beaks, which allows them to catch fish one by one. The fish get stuck in the teeth and the puffins can catch many fish during one or several consequent dives. They are good divers and can go to ca 40 m depth to find food. They use their wings just as efficiently underwater as above the surface

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