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White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)

Size: 69 – 91 cm
Population at Anda: Not breeding on the island

The white-tailed eagle returned to Anda Island in the late eighties when the last people moved away from the Lighthouse. The eagles prefer the island because the rich seabird populations provide the eagles with an easy meal. Due to the increased number of eagles on the island, a part of the kittiwake population moved to Stø, to nest on cliffs and houses, in protection from the eagles. Sometimes juvenile eagles gather on Anda Island in groups of up to 40 individuals!

The white-tailed eagles usually sit on the same place with a good view over the sea. They use the same spot for generations and generations and these spot are visible as high tufts of grass, ‘ørntua’ in Norwegian. When walking along the beach from Stø towards Skipsand, you can find many such tufts by the seaside.

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